Connection Monitor

Do you ever wonder how much bandwidth you are using?
Or if you're closing in on your monthly transfer limit?
When your Internet connection got to down in 24 hours ?
If so Connection Monitor is the utility for you!

connection monitor , monitor your internet link

Detailed logging

Supports logging of all your network send and receive.Down and up time link.
You can go back and check your daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or total transfer.

Always control

With the small graph you always have control of your bandwidth usage.

Highly customizable

You can change your host for check link connection to internet.Change interval and Alert method.

Advanced alert system

You can set Connection Monitor report connection down time by email

What is Connection Monitor?

Connection Monitor is network utility program for network administrator or any person like monitor connection link to internet . this program have alert in 8 method. you can get information about internet link down & up time.

Main Features:

  • Supports logging of all data
  • Separate statistics for each day , week , month
  • Displays data in Kilo byte values
  • Detailed transfer history
  • Advanced alert system
  • Can run as a service
  • Auto start with Windows
  • Minimize to systray
  • Change Host
  • Chane Check host Interval Time
  • Install as Windows Services
  • Save data in simple ini Files and very small size
  • Report Daily, Weekly, Monthly , Yearly.
  • Always on top
  • Intertnet connection monitor and watch activity 8 Alert method
  • Automatically generate report

  • Try Connection Monitor

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